Pica Classic tube marker, red

Tube marker

Pica Classic 575

Can be used on all materials - especially for extremely rough and difficult-to-mark surfaces, such as oily or rusty metal. For permanent, abrasion-resistant and waterproof markings, still visible even after extreme temperatures. Virtually corrosion-free marking tip with 3 mm diameter stainless steel ball.


Pica Classic tube marker, marking paste, pack, packaging, individual packaging, POS, store presentation

Tube marker Unitbox

Item no. 575

Our recommendation

Signal Marker

Pica Gel, signal marker, replacement for tube marker

As a further development, we offer you the Pica Gel with a comfortable twist mechanism without sweaty pressing for more efficient work.


Documents, catalog, product folders as well as image data packages are available for download for our dealers.


Suitable for the following surfaces:



Wet Wood






Wet Rubber

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