Pica Classic wooden pencil Carpenter's pencil, graphite lead

Carpenter Pencil

Pica Classic 540

Carpenter Pencil, oval, with the highest professional quality. Easy-to-sharpen wood from sustainably managed forests. Graphite lead 2H for rich strokes, lead with high break resistance.


Pica Classic wooden pencil carpenter pencil, graphite lead, display, POS, store presentation

Display Box

Art. No. 540/30-100 | Art. No. 540/24-100

Pica Classic wooden pencil carpenter pencil, graphite lead, on blister, self-service pack, POS, store presentation

Box of 10, hangable

Art. No. 540/24-10 | Art. No. 540/30-10

Pica Classic wooden pencil sharpener, Jumbo sharpener

Jumbo Sharpener

Art. No. 560-12

Our recommendation

Pica Pocket 

Pica Pocket quiver & knife in one with carpenter's pencil 2H

The Pica Pocket is ideal in combination with
thick wooden pencils of all kinds.

Pica Pocket quiver & knife in one on the trouser pocket with carpenter's pencil 2H


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Suitable for the following surfaces:






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