Metal Set - Dry

The new bundle of a Pica Dry & scriber is the ultimate upgrade for anyone who works with metal. The tungsten carbide needle allows precise scribing of metal surfaces without any wear.

Scriber needle

From Carbide
For precise scribing

Graphite refill

Graphite refill 2B
For versatile use

Pica Dry Metal Set, Pica Dry with graphite refill 2B, scriber in a small box for safe storage, bundle, set

Art. No. 30800

The tin of mines

The practical mine box is used to safely store the pointed metal needle.

Pica Dry Metal Set, with carbide scriber

The scriber

The carbide scriber is extremely robust and does not wear out even after long periods of use.

Before it starts

To protect the marker mechanism and keep it intact in the long term, it is important to insert the metal needle from behind.

Pica Dry Metal Set, with carbide scriber, correct refill

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Pica Dry Metal Set, with carbide scriber


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